Alex Frost Poet

IT’S 2015!
Welcome to my world.
I am a young contemporary poet from South London.
On my site you will find various things.

  • Recent written poetry, separated into sections.
  • Links to my debut book Food For Thought, which contains poetry not found anywhere else, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.
  • Lots of spoken word audio and a video of me speaking my poetry.
  • Twitter feed, where I write a poem per day, and have been doing so for a year.

*NEW POEM ADDED 06/03/2015 – Cheer Down Chuckles
*NEW POEM ADDED 06/03/2015 – Conscientiously Wrapped
*NEW POEM ADDED 06/03/2015 – Transparent Truth
*NEW POEM ADDED 06/03/2015 – Reflective Perspective