We may be talking foul play,
But we're not chickens,
Human livestock replaces human diversity,
Creating anonymous beings,
A world where life is seen by some as sacred,
By others as collateral damage,
Where governments can impose sanctions for multiple children,
Due to abundant population crammage.
What can be said of these woes,
Of the trials and tribulations of man and womankind,
Is that the common denominators,
And the glue which enables this bind,
Are power and responsibility;
Emotion takes a back seat,
Unless we are dealing with our morality,
For the planet becomes insignificant,
When discussing scientific existentialism,
And the planet becomes the sole focus,
When discussing divine creationism,
For the stars are what some aspire to reach,
But for some, other humans are purely an obstacle,
An insignificant political breach,
And we end up in a tussle,
Where we have child-birth hatches,
For disposal of 'incorrect' gender-matches,
Places where women are seen as zero in worth,
Regardless of our reliance on both genders for birth,
We have nuclear poise and dexterity,
Threatening incomprehensible suffering,
We have whole-life sentences for lost causes,
To afford us capital punishment buffering;
Alas, we also have individuals,
Killing with 'religious motive',
In every corner of our lands irony can be found,
Steely ethics tainted by poisonous corrosives,
Yet for some, this is less of a problem,
To turn a blind-eye to pain is apparently easy,
When you feel inches from something precious,
Like Gollum,
And for some it's as easy as a literal Holy Grail,
The tears we have invoked,
Can so blindly be emptied from our pail,
And with bitterness, desire, hatred or necessity,
Some feel justified to see a win,
When most of us see a fail.
The price of skin, flesh and bone,
Can take some to a deep, dark, unfaltering zone,
While the cost to some of individual emotion,
Leads them to unselfish, unwavering, humankind devotion.

© Alex Frost 2014