Is it just 'the sky'?
I ponder, as I gaze up into the 'abyss'.
We create these words to fulfil a 'void' of understanding,
Though ignorance, is it really bliss?
Is a sky still a sky from 'space'?
Look through the looking glass,
Do you see a gap between mirror and face?
95% of the physical world,
Is empty 'air',
An empty place.
Look at the make-up of ingredients of the world,
And you'll find 'matter' equals trace.
So does that make things insignificant?
Are we important or irrelevant?
Largely this comes down to belief,
Do you believe in a higher power,
Do you adhere to the rules of science,
Do you need to see the evidence,
Or are you quick to jump into compliance?
For me it is the latter,
I get caught up on life's unhealthy daily batter,
And ultimately I understand the world better,
I leave scientists to their job,
They leave me to my; I doubt I could easily explain the universe,
I doubt they would know the best teachers for supply.
I believe there are things we simply do not know,
I believe I can allow things to happen slowly but surely,
And whilst the ground shifts slowly below us,
I can rely on the tectonic flow,
For there is little more I need to know,
Little more I need to nourish me and make me grow,
And ponder as I may,
I will never fully grasp everything,
And must always rely on somebody,
A fact-wielding purveyor,
A myth-busting slayer,
And whilst I am happy to await this information,
Others will turn to prayer,
And I will write down my thoughts,
my feelings,
My hopes,
my dreams,
And ultimately I believe I can answer all of my own questions,
And possibly,
Some of your share.

© Alex Frost 2008