Into my imaginary my words sound shrill
Better I imagine, and pen words with my quill
Trying my best to match any rap
A feat clearly so hard
Whilst writing poetry like a bard
Meaning is the only true meaning
Issuing pearls of wisdom without seeming
Like I'm my moral fibre
Continuously raising my bar higher and higher
Leaping over new boundaries
Without allowing them to flounder me.
But let's think about this
The world is crumbling like chocolate
While certain themes are obvious;
We hate
We lovelove
We want Peace, but we defy Understanding
This confuses me
So unto your eyes I send rays of immeasurable beauty
Whether in expressing the good
Pointing out the bad
Or merely forcing you to view the ugly.
There is love in beauty
And beauty in Understanding.
Forever shall I convey my love to the world.

© Alex Frost 2007