Tupac was right,
It's time for a change,
Every day I see kids' diverse nature,
Their ability for the ultimate racial-social range,
And yet it still seems strange,
To hear them making what they believe to be a humorous slur,
The edges have been defined by morality,
And yet still they blur,
Still we set out ethical boundaries,
And still there are those that put the pot into a stir.
I'm glad to live in this land,
Where many types of individuals cease to make the day taste bland,
I'm happy to be accepting of all,
And I resist attempts to subdue,
To battle those that make the world a more interesting hue,
And I embrace you,
Whoever you are,
I throw my love to the world,
Near and far,
And I resist those trying to mar,
My planet,
I take personally any attempts to scar,
I say fuck the ignorant people,
And I tip my hat to Mardi Gras,
Throwing up any ridiculously bitter pills,
The way we should be dealing with fois gras,
And I say put everyone on their own pedestal,
Everyone should be born at the same par,
And degenerate only if they mistreat others or act like fools,
We don't need people imparting ignorance on future ignorant mules,
We need intelligence,
Not negligence,
We need empathy and humanity.
No… we simply need people to treat others as they would want for their kids,
We need to open some eyes,
Part some stubborn lids,
And we need some damn common sense that minimises,
No, forbids,
And we need to promote,
Clarity and societal longevity,
Or we will ever remain a world of unthinking,

© Alex Frost 2013