I know we're not acquainted yet,
But please lend me your ears,
I'll offer you heart, soul and range,
A creative flow to die for,
Unknown talent taken from basement floor straight to the fore,
I'm orally fixated,
I've got the skills to be rated,
Ears to be elated,
You'd better bury me, I'm too hot to be cremated,
Yet my confidence isn't ill fated,
I feel like my inner rapper and inner poet,
At birth were separated,
And now I'm here,
All I want is to have no fears,
Like all artists I aspire to excite,
Unlike Britney Spears,
And be original and fresh,
Weaving thoughts and ideas into a lyrical mesh,
To open my wings and fly high,
Not cower and suppress,
I'm trained in hypnosis,
But I never yearn to regress,
This comes together and creates a mess,
Your mine is as good as guess,
Anagrammatic sentences make me feel proud,
I don't skirt around words,
I put them in a pretty dress,
No less,

I confess,
I hate lazy rap,
Think it through for 2 minutes more before putting out crap,
Or just shut your trap,
You think it's pretty to get a present not wrapped,
You want something pleasing to the ear,
People going ga-ga for Gaga,
Up they lap,
Or Katie Perry,
With or without her slap,
For Rhianna everyone's in a flap,
Even when Brown shows his true colours he gets a clap,
And further opens that ethical gap,
On comes the radio and ZAP,
We're escorted to a happy place,
Doesn't matter if you only have 1 face,
As long as to our aural enjoyment they do grace,
Taking awakening shots to the ears,
Like peppering eardrums with mace,
You wanna be in my gang?!
That's the sort of thing that's sang,
Glitter about as defunct as a Twilight fang,
But am I a dodgy man,
Off are all bets,
Like Dappy, I've got No Regrets,
My past isn't full of moral debts.

So here I am laying myself open to y'all,
And I don't intend on taking a fall,
However small,
I'm gonna take my time to lay out my stall,
I'm fucked if I'm gonna look like a fool,
I hope to add a hearty meal to all the gruel,
Without encumbering myself with too much meaning,
Like an overworked mule,
I wanna crush a boring lump of coal in my fist,
And sprinkle into your ears,
A jewel.

Everything I say and do is thinking of you,
My audience,
I know we all want a good time,
Something that has reason and rhyme,
Rhyme and reason,
Each season,
Keeping a positive light,
But all the time others face their own fight,
And for now I say the pen has the might,
To beat the sword out of sight,
And my bark is nothing,
Compared to my bite.

© Alex Frost 2010