Open up your mind,
Set your imagination free,
Stare at that blank page,
And what do you see,
I see a couple kissing passionately in an alley-way,
Professing love for each other,
A soft lilt in their voices,
With every word they say,
Suddenly, a missile whistles past,
Soldiers attack the streets with vigour and stealth,
And a scream tears through the silence,
As a bullet steals a wounded fighter's health,
But as the pen shifts subject and direction,
A winged creature swoops down low,
Covering the wound with its disfigured claw,
Invoking a blue aura, and a magical resurrection,
Of life,
As the scene alters perspective,
To the man and woman in love,
The trouble,
And strife,
He shoves the papers into his satchel pocket,
His hands shaking nervously as he fumbles with the key to lock it,
And finally with a sudden jerk,
The metal clasp slides into its' socket,
But alas,
It is too late,
The winged creature slides into view,
A snarling of horrendously sharp teeth,
With eyes only for human flesh,
To chew,
And as one final showdown,
Drains the couple's complexion,
To a pale blue hue,
The creature slips upon a banana-skin,
Crashing to the ground with an almighty din,
As, lifting it's head gently,
Which sways in a trance,
Stars and birds fly around clockwise,
In a spin, or a dance,
And the scene pauses for humour…
Before shifting once again it's genre,
A blank page again slowly comes into the fore,
But if you had the pen in your hand,
What is it that you would write, or draw?

© Alex Frost 2013