Welcome to my world Welcome to the beginning of my lands
My name is Alex Frost
Aka Big Al
Aka Alfredo
This is how I want this to start
This is what I want you to know
ThisIs my poetry.
Forgotten islands in my brain
Links I must find
Journeys I must make
Undertakings I must take
Forage I must
For I know not myself.
Rest of the world
To me I hurl
I jump into the middle
I play first fiddle
Out of the frying pan
On to the griddle.
This is how it works
Blame no one for my quirks
Except me
Top of the quirky tree
Top of the development
My name above all
It's me that stands tall
Taller than anyone in my corner.
I feel like no one is in my corner indefinitely
Anyone that resides in it merely hides in it
Joins a sage in his enlightenment period
Or perhaps merely in his escapism.
It means nothing.
I am still me
I still jump into the deep end
Rapidly growing my gills to breathe
Articulating words like breaths
Taking every situation in my stride
Playing no games.
University dragging me down
Placing a permanent frown
Upon my brow
'n taking me to times which, or how
Bring me to my knees
Either you play the game or you hang up your boots
Over the cable in the street.
You close your eyes
You allow yourself to be taken
The quicksand's of time taking me deeper
My heart growing with every piece of advice I give
Until it thuds like a bull against a door
It's gonna burst out
I can feel it
I feel like sh*t
Tired to within a wretch
Of my original self
Remaining me with merely half the health
But still people are attracted to my wealth
Of knowledge
Of helpful advice
Nothing works though
Not for me
Of men and mice
I feel
By a sense
Of paranoia..
No that's not right
Of hurt
Of distraction.
How are you today Alex?
I don't know
Give me a week to figure that out
Give me time to disconnect my stabilisers from your bike
Give me time to make the journey from my bed in a hike
To find my feelings
My own heart
Allow me to breathe
And I shall give you the world, and everything in it.

© Alex Frost 2007