Whether we are rural,
We find love in all places,
It is big, it is proud, it shouts in our ear,
It is small, it is petite, it whispers in our ear,
It is discreet,
Occasionally it jumps out at us like a surprise treat,
When we see certain people our heart skips a beat,
Love is no mean feat,
But what is love?
Do you find it in your soul,
As you kneel, and seek answers from above,
Do you feel it when a hand softly rests on your shoulder,
Do you feel that warmth when the rest of the world seems it cannot get colder,
I do,
Plato said, "At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet",
I am testament to this, and I feel my duty to show it,
Share it,
Communicate it,
I have always felt it,
And generally where there is a block of painful ice,
I believe there is always somebody with the ability to melt it,
Whether it be family, friends, a partner or a divine being,
I don't think we ever have the ability to describe love,
But I believe we all have the capacity of seeing,
Of emoting,
Like the air, there's no need to touch it,
To know it keeps us alive and happy,
To know that with it we are free, not shackled,
And that we have no need for money,
To go on an emotional spending spree,
To have empathy,
And maybe that's the problem in this world,
People forget that love is all around us keeping us in check,
They avoid their moral compass,
To save their own neck,
But ultimately on this planet we are merely a speck,
A grain,
And whilst many share their love openly,
The majority refrain,
Circumspect to protect,
Neglect or deflect,
But we know this to be incorrect,
We know that love, like life, is not perfect,
And the only definite we know is that when we connect,
We feel,
And there's no need to keep it safe,
No need to conceal,
Let us be concerned with the beautiful angelfish in us,
Not the slippery evasive eel,
And let us feast on a truly complete meal,
Let us not snack on love,
But allow it to swallow us whole like an un-fisted hand in a glove,
Like an excitable child playing losted and finded,
Let all the love in the world turn all our frowns upside down,
And in the sea of sympathy, understanding, and love,
Let us drown.

© Alex Frost 2012