Tears on a journey
A descent down a beautiful face
A depression so profound
A comforting word raising a fake smile
Back to the laughter
Her favourite phrase – 'either laugh or cry'
Weeping into her hands
A lonely tear escaping the crease between her fingers
Tumbling with direction
A purpose which she so wished she possessed herself
Mascara smudging like an ink-blot test
Can you tell what it is yet?
An unhappy young lady
Enveloped by hatred for herself
Disgusted by her actions.
She's lost him.
Could things ever be the same?
Love courses her veins
But those veins are impenetrable
When can her heart entwine another's?
When will the steel wall retract?
Maybe it could have been he that tears it down
Maybe this knight's sword could have been the one
The challenger to succeed
All the lonely people in the world
Are they ever happy?
Can their souls ever truly breathe?
A contemplation of her fate
Reducing her to tears once more
People dying and losing loved ones
Is this how they feel?
It must be
An impenetrable heart breaking so intensely
An irony not even she can escape
A wry, self-loathing smile escapes her lips
The imaginary opening in the ground
Sucks her body in and spits out a tired heart
Worn from the excessive emotion
She tightens her eyelids' grip
Trying to refocus herself –
I love him
I love him so much –
She stands, her crumpled clothing clinging to her
Her now feeble body withered
Balancing itself
Straightening up, she takes five steps to the corner of the room.
He is still sitting there
Head rested on chin forcefully
She lowers herself
Resting on her ankles
The pain is unimportant
He looks up
Eyes meeting
A deep exchange of thought
Almost telepathy –
"Please, I beg you" –
A deep breathe
And a reply –
"I, I...."

© Alex Frost 2007