I'm not sure mate
I think it's a marshmallow.
It's sweet
It's squishy
It's warm
It's as if it was made just for us.
I haven't ever seen something so gorgeous
I wonder how much we could sell it for.
Maybe we should keep it for ourselves
Or maybe we should share it for free
Shouldn't everyone experience this
Shouldn't everyone have a taste of this
Let it warm them too?
Stroking children's hair
Allowing them to eat different flavours
Some forceful
Some not
But every mouthful for the best reason...

Bodies touching
Skin to skin
Lips to lips
Tongues releasing wave after wave
Of mini marshmallows
Sweaty bodies
Words and smiles raised
Until giant 'mallows explode from within
Spreading around the room
Filling it
Under the doors
Out onto the street
We can merely pray that they hit everyone
That everyone can have a taste
For without sweet marshmallows
Our world would never be the same.

© Alex Frost 2007