A country barn glistens in the sunlight
Cheerful music blares from the open windows
Wooden panels creak in the warmth of summer,
Whooping continues throughout,
Adults and children akin,
Rousing happy memories through the din,
Gent and Miss revolve slowly around each other,
Guests part and circle,
"Cos I'm kissing you oh,
I'm kissing you, oh….",
A train fans the ground with a swift swish of the hips,
Stares meet,
Lips fleet,
Smiles in abundance,
Revellers laugh and cheer in slow-mo,
Loving eyes turn to dough,
Kneading glances of sheer ecstasy.
An overhead twirl twirls Miss,
Another excitable Gent-directed kiss,
Twisting and shouting,
Sultry playful pouting,
Microphone approached,
"ooooookay everyone,
time to get this party started!"
Toe-tapping starts/begins,
All and sundry sings,
Banjo plays merrily through thin strings,
And a wedding-banded hand is handed to a hand bearing rings,
Of Mr and Mrs.

© Alex Frost 2011