Roulette spinner
A natural born winner
Always lucky
Adding to the slightly plucky
Nature of me
A grin on my face
A warmth lends itself
To whatever place
I inhabitate
I feel my fate
Undeniably free will
It's like sometimes
I take a metaphorical pill
I can't help but get my fill
Of life
Of money
Of women
It's there for the taking
There to be had
Permanent fixture
Or sudden fad.
Everyday I smile
Rarely I feel sad
I know where to butter my bread
This permanent frown on my forehead
It's just for show
To the world, perhaps
But more to myself.
I sincerely feel myself flourishing
Opening and closing
Like a palpitating flower
Happy and sad
Blurring between each
But mostly I'm happy inside
Mostly you can feel the height of my tide
Of emotion
Ebbing and flowing
Always showing
The blood of my heart running down my sleeve
See my pain
See my glee
But know this..
It's all me!
Sometimes dodgy
Often hidden actions I prefer to keep to myself
But it IS me.
Happy or sad
Rich or poor
Tired of life
Or hungry for more
Impenetrable brain my only flaw
Or perhaps not
Perhaps weakness is strength
Perhaps I should count my stars lucky
For whatever the results of my decisions
I will forever remain
Permanently plucky!

© Alex Frost 2010