I've seen people come and go,
I've seen friends wither,
I've seen enemies grow,
I've seen adults and kids hooked on weed, alcohol, blow,
I've seen sun pour in through the window,
I've seen that same window battered by rain, sleet and snow,
I've seen families scrambling for shelter,
But never finding enough dough,
Whilst through ghettoes,
Rich folk drive teasingly slow,
I've seen too many people with too much confidence,
And those with insecurities, in abundance,
But how many others see the world for what it is for real,
A collaboration and interaction of humans,
Whose actions crudely relate to how they feel,
Hunger leads to food,
But rarely a truly thought-out meal,
Greed rarely leads to a second look at our behaviour,
But usually to a suspect deal,
Or leads individuals to steal,
An over-satiated brain desire answers to life,
Without taking time to await the final reveal,
Chasing the 'latest thing' at its' heel with zeal,
Whilst people seeking divinity,
Request answers as they kneel.
It's not that I am cynical,
My thoughts aren't reinventing the wheel,
I'm just interested in what people really think,
Not what they conceal,
I'm concerned with the beautiful angel fish in us,
Not the slippery eel;
When we find this truth, we can heal.
And in a land where we all spend most our life to get paid,
It's no surprise we don't always come to others' aid,
Racism's still alive,
Some people still degrade,
Whilst it usually takes some serious personalities,
On a crusade,
To make this ignorance fade,
To find the humanity these people mislaid,
Cos we were born free and accepting,
But this can get chiselled away over the decades,
And then we need to unpick incorrect outlooks,
We need to assure, persuade,
And we need to fight to re-hem the tolerance that has frayed,
So we do not see in black and white,
But in varying shades of grey;
As with all discrimination,
We need ingrained thought to be outweighed,
By compassion and logic,
Empathy relates us to each other,
It's not cosmic!
It doesn't take a degree,
Or a GCSE,
For your mind to be free,
Unlike our own currency it doesn't take cash,
To go on an emotional spending spree,
And if it's not a personal example that makes you angry,
Or seeing someone put down by a bully,
Then let it be me.
It takes a first step and a lot of effort to think more deeply,
You can't make the perfect humus,
Without starting with the first chickpea,
Without a single drop of water,
We can't even begin to imagine a sea,
And like our hearts and minds,
Without that first step our sympathy,
Remains barren and empty;
A beautiful open woodland,
Devoid of a single tree,
For we are a blank canvas,
Which is painted and corrected,
Occasionally inspected,
And generally through our painting, our personality is reflected,
And it can become clouded,
But when we correct our image and opinions,
We cannot be spited, smited, or slighted,
As we are moving forward,
And whilst others lay down, we stood,
Knowing it to be right,
We stood up tall when we noticed someone else's plight,
And we said NO!
We tried to support the victimised,
And told our enemies;
Some thoughts we simply CANNOT allow to grow.

© Alex Frost 2010