Pleasing the trend
Meeting an untimely end
To a ridiculous conclusion
Brain to brain intrusion
Mapping of minds
Never, diversity must prevail
Wear or do not wear your veil
Will you follow the trail?
Will you fall in or fall out
Sit down and nod
Or stand up and shout?
One problem with our lands;
Few people are counted when they stand
Issues and worries a foreign concept
The average Joe's thoughts, under rug swept.
Scared to think?
Scared to see?
Raise your hand and say something like me!
Don't get me wrong
I don't agree or disagree
Mostly I'm just open-minded
But my pen is writing
And my words to you are confided
It's the beginning
A clear-cut start
Opinions remain our own
But they are certainly from the heart
Ripples in a pond require only a stone
Only for someone to have grown
To be mature
Regardless how obscure
Any opinion can allure
As far as Understanding goes
Conscientiousness is key
For the "weak" to become heroes.

© Alex Frost 2006