From stereotypes of immature youth,
We diversify,
And offer the choice of passion in understanding and truth,
Yet it's not always easy and fine,
Everyday life fogs our path from time to time,
Like mother nature's red herring sign,
And it's hard,
To slip into a happy but appropriate groove,
Being offered advice that only time can prove.
And it's hard,
Wanting to be older 'til we reach eighteen,
Only to find, shortly after,
We wish we could rewind much we'd seen.
So some find it tougher,
And with a little compromise it won't be too much to suffer,
But lots of energy is required,
A mutual assistance for all to be inspired,
Society's mediocrity at times leaves much to be desired,
And in turn we all struggle to be admired,
By friends and enemies alike,
Even if it means selling our morals to stop a ridiculous verbal spike –
Like 'snitch'.
And we find ourselves open to suggestion,
Or questioning where now to go,
And hopefully, as with most cases,
We tend generally to know,
Lurking behind good decisions occasionally hide bad,
Which mostly are singular events, or a fad,
And common sense usually prevails,
Breathe in, rethink and refocus, if all else fails.

"The youth of today", as they say,
So to speak,
Forecast for a supposedly difficult group,
Somehow doesn't seem quite so bleak.
Youth itself is not to blame,
There's nothing wrong with standing tall,
In staking your claim,
But remember life's not all a game,
Although most of us wish it was,
Though perhaps it's just me, because,
I'm happy with where I have been,
But I definitely wish I could rewind much I've seen.

© Alex Frost 2010